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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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news 4 today begins with breaking news. a deadly shooting while you were asleep. >> a man is dead and police in southeast d.c. are putting the pieces together about what happened. they say they may know who pulled the trigger on 28th street near suitland parkway. that new homicide investigation hours after a deadly shooting in northwest d.c. police there are offering up to $25,000 to anyone who can help them lock up the person responsible. officers say someone killed a man in a back parking lot behind harvard towers around 7:45 last night. the d.c.-owned senior citizens complex is in mount pleasant, a few steps away from rock creek ç
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park. it's 6:00 on the dot. i'm angie goff. two big stories, the pope is on his way, he's on his way to cuba for his first visit. and the joint force st. andrew base is on the way. and we're off to a summer-like start. good morning, tom. >> we are starting off feeling like summer in september. we have patchy, dense fog right there at andrews air force base, the joint andrews base there. it's a quarter mile visibility and some patchy, dense fog. elsewhere we have patchy dense fog as well in southern maryland and around the bay. watch out for that. it's a cool morning. mid to upper 50s, shenandoah valley, out in the mountains,
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low to mid-50s. in the nearby suburbs we're hovering in the low 60s, montgomery and fairfax counties. upper 60s in washington, around the bay. the mid to upper 60s. done the have rain locally. getting showers in the midwest. unfortunately they'll be drying out as they get closer to us. all dry on storm team 4 radar. look at that big change on the way in just a few minutes. >> sounds good, tom, thanks. pope francis is on his way to the cuba for the start of the longest trip of his papacy. he'll avin in havana for a visit and then he head here to d.c. pope francis will sell brace mass at revolution square tomorrow and meet with cuban president raul castro and his brother fiddle. president obama and president castro talked on the phone yesterday about the progress towards normalizing relations. >> we want to show you a closer look at the pope's d.c. schedule
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so you can make your plans for his visit. president obama and the first lady will greet pope francis at joint base andrews tuesday afternoon. on wednesday, the pope has a busy day.ç he'll meet the president at the white house, followed by his pope mobile parade, a visit to st. matthews and his outdoor mass at the basilica. the thursday agenda speaks with a speech to congress. after that he's off to new york and philadelphia. all week long, find everything about pope francis's visit on news 4. we have an updated list of what you can and can't do while the pope is in town. just click papal visit on our website. investigators want to know more what was inside this little pink box that showed up in front of a former police officer's home. jackie bensen reports as fbi and secret service agents begin their case. >> reporter: the homeowner tells news 4 the u.s. postal service
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delivered the package to his door step yesterday. the return address, china. the recipient's nail, no one he knew. more than enough to arouse the suspicions of the former cop. he opened it to find a pink cardboard box containing a pearl necklace neither he nor his wife ordered. in a false bottom were wrapped packets of fake i.d.s, dozens of them. >> if you want a fake i.d., all you need is a group of people and only one person needs a connection. it's all about a network. >> reporter: this american university student says students are well aware of the best i.d.s come from china. they find the ads online and there are website devoted to reviewing the various card's quality. >> i got ripped off my freshman year. i sent money to somebody on the internet, along with five of my friends and lost about $300. >> reporter: other college students say the fake i.d.s from
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china are popular. >> the risk of getting caught isn't that high which promotes more people to buy more fake i.d.s. >> people talk about places that it's easy to use a fake i.d. >> well, investigators tell news 4 these expert fakes, usually cost about $300. officials in arizona say they are so good, they are a threat to national security.ç well, look at how a thief in southeast was able to get away with an entire atm. surveillance video caught the man in the motorcycle helmet walking into a convenience store. it was on mlk avenue, happened around 9:00 p.m. a week ago. he goes straight to the atm, p tips it over, slips it out the door to a waiting car outside. justice, that's what state police say is coming to a mortgage and her boyfriend, both charged in the murder of a 2-year-old that captured so many hearts over the summer. a computer generated image of
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baby doe is a boston area toddler named bella bond. a woman walking her dog found the girl's beach in a trash bag back in june. >> 83 days after we found this little girl on the shoreline, we are, at least, able to speak of baby bella. >> now, police charge bella's mother with accessory to murder. her boyfriend faces murder charges. investigators say the two are blaming each other for that toddler's death. later today, a show of american pride. for the first time in several years, the u.s. air force thunderbirds will give a special show around joint base andrews. it is free and a fun event to take the entire family to see. gates open at 9:00 this morning. show time is 11:30 and you can park for free at fedex feel and take a shuttle to the base. thousands of cancer survivors this weekend and supporters are biking across
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maryland and the district to raise money for cancer treatment and research. this is the second year of the ride to conquer cancer. thousands of bikers leave rfk memorial stadium this morning for mount arie. passengers walk off a plane bandaged and bruised like this. get this, their flight didn't crash. we'll tell you what happened that led to their injuries. coming up, a bizarre story about a womanç taken hostage. how police say she
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welcome back. at 6:09. 17 passengers get hurt when a plane goes through severe turbulence. one passenger felt a sudden jolt. those who didn't have their seat belts fastened got hurt. they were taken to the airport clinic when they landed. clear air turbulence is what it's called. it happens when there are no clouds. a 21-year-old man is behind bars charged in connection with that series of freeway shootings that terrified people across phoenix last month. s.w.a.t. officers arrested him at a walmart in a city suburb last night. you night remember the story, bullet holes in seemingly random cars as people drove along interstate 10. the man in custody owns the gun linked to four of those attacks. at this point officers cannot rule out the possibility of another suspect or perhaps
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copycats. a woman held captive and threatened with a blow torch is safe this morning. police say the man who kidnapped her should be in court monday to face charges. they say the oregon mandated that woman he kidnapped on and off. officers say she was able to get away weeks after he started assaulting her with that blow torch and lock her up in a cabin. coming up, police are putting businesses on notice in one northern virginia community. what officers say is making restaurants a target for burglars. let's do a check outside right now. not bad. not bad. tom is tracking the cooldown for the second half of your weekend. >> take a look at your screen here. it's going to be a nice day for these community vets. it's the last weekend to check out the fall festival preview at cox farms in centreville, in the district, the fiesta d.c. parade starts at 1:30 on constitution avenue, 7th street northwest.ç
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you're watching news 4 today. they are gone that quick. >> thieves targeting asian restaurants are on the run in loudoun county. deputies are warning owners to watch out. the crooks have broken into half a dozen businesses in the last week alone. it starts when they smash the glass of the front door. >> they took my cash register, the whole cash register, which is old and heavy. they took it and left the back
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door. >> well, store owners think that the thieves are looking for shopping centers and businesses that either don't have security cameras or very view of them. a restaurant in the district is facing a multimillion dollar lawsuit. the restaurant had the to shut down after several salmonella cases over labor day weekend. the woman who filed the suit is claiming negligence. up to a dozen others have reached out to an attorney, figu fig & olive declined to comment.. they asked a judge to try officer william porter first. they plan to ask him to be a witness against two of the other five officers who face charges. gray died in april from a spine injury he got in police custody. his death sparked riots in baltimore and reignited the national debate over the use of police force. well, the pope is on the move.
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pope francis is riffs in cuba today. he'll visit three cities over the course of four days this next week. and he's expected to meet with the castro brothers. >> news 4's david culverç recently traveled to cuba and shows us how many are anxiously awaiting the pontiff's arrival. ♪ >> reporter: they present through the havana streets in prayer, singing,en chatting, following behind a statue of their local church name sake, lady of mountserot. >> castro takes personal command. >> reporter: post revolution the catholic church saw its way among the people eliminated. for nearly half a century, scenes like this one, banned until 1 98 and this historic visit by pope john paul ii.
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pope benedict's trip further expanded religious freedoms. >> the priest tells me they did this for many years up until the revolution, then it stopped. they began the tradition once again just last year. >> it's different few yore. >> reporter: for devout catholics, having a pope from latin america brings added significance to pope francis's visit. they call him ep papa francisco. >> this is the only country in the world, three papas. >> reporter: we saw that same deep devotion 500 miles southwest from havana in one of cuba's most religious sites. in addition to havana, pope francis will also celebrate mass here. this church is the virgin of charity.
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this is the patron church here in cuba. people come from all over the island. they come here asking for miracles to be performed. back in havana, we met many nonreligious. this man among them. you don't participate? >> no. >> reporter: after his leisurely morning swim, he confessed while not catholic inç practice, he' thrilled for the pope's visit. you will be there. >> yes, i will be there. >> reporter: most here cautiously optimistic about what further changes this papal visit will bring. david culver, news 4. lots of excitement all this week. you can find everything about pope francis's visit here on news 4. we have a full event scheduled along with road closures and a special section on our app. just click papal visit. today, the finishing touches on a project that is evidence of the transformation of an arlington neighborhood. this morning, 100 volunteers plant trees and flowers and do
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other landscaping projects at the renovated hume springs park on dale street. new play ground equipment is already in place. there's also equipment for adults and picnic tables. if you want to help out, go to dale street around 9:30 this morning. they'll get started out there. this is a great day, weatherwise to get outside. >> you have yard work to do, get out there, get it done. right, tom? >> long lines at the slides at the play ground. >> i bet. >> get your place in line now. because we are going to have another sumner september day. starting off early, it's quite humid. watch out for patchy, dense fog at andrews where the big air show will be under way later. it's a quarter mile visibility, especially in parts of southern maryland, too. there is patchy, dense fog. temperatures in the low to mid-60s as well as around the bay. nearby neighborhoods, prince george's county, low 60s to
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upper 50s farther north into frederick county. much of fairfax county, it's near 60 degrees. the rest of northern virginia, 50s manassas, warrenton, shenandoah valley, as well as panhandle west virginia. low t low to mid-50s out in the mountains. great day for boating on the bay, maybe doing a bike ride on the path. a beautiful day for that. there's the first light of dawn showing up.ç there's a live view from our tower camera overlooking friendship heights off in the distance. the temperatures quickly climb to 70 by 8:00 a.m. lots of sun by noontime hitting the low to mid-80s and peaking in the upper 80s by 3:00 or 4:00. wear the sun block if you'll be out for a length of time. hot afternoon. this evening we'll be dropping right back down into the 70s right after sunset which is just
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a little bit after 7:00. look at this big area in yellow. this is the abnormally dry zone covering most of our region as we do need some rain and also the pollen is in the moderate range due to weeds. weed pollen will be holding steady in the moderate range until we get some rain to wash it all out. mostly sunny, a bit more humid for the andrews air show. should be a terrific day for that. again, wear your sun block as we'll have that strong september sun. a lit of a change comes in overnight, a cool front comes through. likely no rain. maybe a few shower in the mountains overnight. partly sunny in the morning and mostly sunny sunday afternoon. highs just reaching the upper 70s. winds tomorrow, maybe a bill blustery. could see gusts to 20 to 25 miles an hour. the winds diminish on sunday night. monday, back to work and school. cooler, highs just in the low to mid-70s. and a chance of a shower, just a small chance now unfortunately
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for some needed rain on monday. maybe just a brief shower monday afternoon. on tuesday for the pope's arrival late in the afternoon, partly sunny in the mid-70s. the pope here on wednesday and thursday should be dry wednesday, the mid-70s. but unfortunately for some of the outdoor events with the papal visit on thursday and again friday, there may be showers around and mostly cloudy, highs in the mid-70s on thursday. on friday, into the upper 70s. that's the way it looks. 6:22. coming up, using botox to get over a breakup. how doctors say it's actually working for some patients. ♪
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you're watching news 4 today. welcome back. this morning, there's a seemingly quick fix to an ancient problem. >> that's right. doctors say patients are using botox and other cosmetic procedures to heal their broken hearts. doreen gentzler walks us through it all. >> i was a train wreck after that breakup. >> reporter: she had just broken off a relationship and was miserable. instead of eating ice cream and listening to sad love songs, she made an point to get botox. >> it built my confidence to get back out there. >> when you field good about
6:26 am
yourself outside and you look your best outside, it's going to make you feel better inside. and gives you back your sel self-esteem, your confidence. >> reporter: she says she sees a lot of patients trying to mend a broken heart. not only does it boost patient's confidence about their looks, it can also help with other people's perceptions of them. >> and usually inject it in the upper third of your face where your emotions shows the most. if you're angry, if you're happy, that's where it shows. and people look at you and they can tell how you feel by the way your eyes look. >> reporter: in fact, some studies have shown using botox to decrease wrinkles and ease facial muscles can actually help to increase serotonin in the brain and that can fight depression.
6:27 am
and feelingç good is just one the reasons why annie says she still gets botox injections years after that heartwrenching breakup. >> you look in the mirror and you feel like i look more refreshed or i look more youthful. and sort of that in and of itself is energizing. getting around the district next week will be a challenge with the pope's visit. what metro is urging riders to do this weekend to ease their headache. let's take a live look outside the window now. things looking good for this saturday morning. tom kierein is tracking your weather overnight. and what we
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breaking news at 6:30. a man is dead after a shooting overnight in southeast washington. >> police found a car near 28th street and suitland parkway. they think it may lead them to a suspect. we'll keep you posted on the details as we get them. thousands of cubans are anxiously waiting for pope francis's arrival in havana this afternoon. he'll visit three cities before heading here to d.c. on tuesday. tomorrow, the pope will celebrate mass at revolution square and meet with cuban president raul castro and his
6:31 am
brother fidel. an air show over join the base andrews. the thunderbirds will take to the sky around 11:30. tickets are free. gates open at 9:00. cool event. welcome to news 4 today on this saturday, i'mç adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. >> tom, is the air stag nan the around here, is that why the fog is hanging around. >> it's turn more humid, too. we have patchy dense fog. here's the live view. we're looking east. you can see some of the low-lying fog there hovering over prince george's county way in the distance. there at joint base andrews, visibility is a quarter mile or less with the patchy dense fog under a clear sky. all these counties in gray, including the district of columbia under this dense fog
6:32 am
advisory, fairfax, anne arundel county, puculpeper, all these counties in gray under a dense fog advisory until 10:00 this morning. then it will break up and we'll get quite a bit of sunshine. this morning, slow down, use your low beams. watch out for deer as well. i saw quite a few on way in this morning. temperatures in the low 60s, nearby suburbs, upper 60s in washington, eastern southern suburbs only in the 50s. shenandoah valley and out in the mountains, looking for a big change beginning tomorrow. how long that will last? that in a few minutes. donald trump taking his campaign to iowa today. he continues to face fallout after not correcting a man at a town hall meeting who called president obama a muslim and not american. jeb bush made a point to call
6:33 am
the president an american and christian. >> i think it really shows he doesn't have the character and doesn't really have the gravitas it would take to be president. >> if you want trump top pay attention, you have to mention his name. he doesn't care about anything but himself. he's a narcissist. >> white house spokesperson josh earnest says he isn't surprised by trump's comments. family and friends will hold a funeral today for a montgomery county teenager. john de-reggie monday afternoon. he was taking pictures on the tracks near boyds with his girlfriend. tonight services begin at 6:30 on slidell road in boyds. >> today the hernden is coming together to honor three teenagers. two of their friends were also hurt in the accident.
6:34 am
today a family fun day will be held in their honor. the goal is to raise money for band scholarships in memory of the three students who were all banned members at herndon high school. >> it's time to remember these kids in a positive spirit and bring the families together to understand how sensitive life is and how fragile it is and have fun with your kids. >> the scholarship fund raiser is today from 11:00 to 4:00 at woody's golf range on leesburg pike in herndon. if you want to donate, visit nbcwashington and search band scholarships for the link. today kicks off the first of three important meetings in arlington county. be part of the conversation as early as 8:30 this morning. some of the topics on the list, creating more affordable housing, expanding abingdon elementary school. some important perspective
6:35 am
for you ahead of next week's papal visit. we're only three days away and the head of the sociology department at catholic university here in d.c. thinks pope francis will impact the race for the white house come 2016. >> i think that his presence here is going to open an opportunity for more voices, like bush and marco rubio who have a better position than donald trump. >> enrique pumar says he expects pope francis to address racial and economic inequality in the u.s. load your smart trip card this weekend,ç avoid the brook land station on wednesday near the site of the mass, travel light and be prepared for long liens. packed trains and bus delays with the road closures as well. ed sheeran will hold a concert at the verizon center on tuesdayance wednesday and the nats play the orioles at nats
6:36 am
park those same days. we have a lot going on. check out the special papal visit section on the nbc washington app. we're following developing news out of florida. a teacher is in trouble for leaving a 6-month-old in the back seat of a car. we are learning why the child was there in the first place. and coming up, more trouble for a kentucky clerk who refused to give marriage licenses to gay couples. what she's accused of doing after being back on the job. i'm melissa ma llay with yo traffic. red, blue and yellow wins will run every 24 minutes this weekend. have a great weekend.
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police in florida are looking into why a 6-month-old boy was left alone in a car and died. investigators say the boy was left in the back seat at a middle school by a teacher supposed to be taking care of him. deputies are investigating but no clarnlg charges have been fi kim davis is back on the job but she may not be doing it. in a court filing yesterday, an attorney for one of davis's employees says he believes davis has gone against court orders refusing to sign off on the paperwork. in a separate filing friday, attorneys for gay couples who sued davis said they are considering further action. a fine-tune performance for pontiff, how one local squire is hoping to stand out in the crowd. and it's going to continue to feel like summer in september. so when's it going to feelç li
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the award-winning geico app. download it today.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> well, the "today" show is coming up next on nbc 4.
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let's find out what they're working on. >> erica hill and craig melvin join us live from new york. good saturday morning. >> good saturday morning to you guys. nice to see you. we are following breaking news out of arizona, happening overnight where police say they now have their man in a sniper shootings that have terror eased drivers, highway drivers for weeks. live with details. also ahead, pope francis on his way to cuba this morning for the kickoff of a week-long trip to this part of the world. where's he going, what can we expect? we'll break it all down. you may remember a flying saucer from a few years ago that took off, amid fears that a young boy was inside, many of its followed its path for a couple hours live on television. turn out there wasn't anybody inside the balloon. his parents then came under fire. what really happened and where are they now? we will find out when the family johns us live.
6:44 am
how would you like to have your own personal plane? >> yes. >> your first look at an aircraft hoping to make flying easy for the average person. it's portable and can be yours, adam and angie, for the right price. >> our plan this morning is we all need to chip in. >> we'll share. >> people have a hard enough time driving. >> yes. >>ç flying? that might be difficult. >> what you're saying is you're not going to be part of of the flight crew, you'll be a passenger? >> possibly. depends on who's the pilot. >> i'll be an observer. >> i'm glad you remember that. thanks. >> good to see you. >> you, too. d.c. mayor could fight back after a big blow to the district's gun laws. in a 2-1 ruling, a court of appeals decided four of d.c.'s ten gun laws are unconstitutional. d.c. can no longer ban owners
6:45 am
from registering one handgun a month. they can no longer require re-registration every three years. we'll let you know if the mayor decides to appeal. musicians at catholic university of america are busy rehearsing for the opportunity of a lifetime when pope francis says mass here on wednesday they'll have the honor of singing for him. news 4's erika gonzalez shows us the challenge s they'll have to overcome to hit the right notes. >> reporter: behind these walls are 90 of the best voices in the washington area. nervously rehearsing for what may be one of their most important performances of their lives. ♪ singing for the pope during his historic visit to washington. >> i'm very excited right now. >> reporter: jonathan kirby is a student at catholic university. he's one of the 90 members of
6:46 am
the choir. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience, speesh to beespecia part of the service. >> reporter: kristen brown is from kensington, maryland. ♪ she's a music teacher at a catholic school, a soprano in the choir. >> that would be the holiest thing to be on the altar singing with him, giving mass, that would be great. >> reporter: for jim schaller, this won't be the first time. he sang for pope benedict at nationals park in 2008. he says this time will be different. >> this is a spiritual moment for america and the pope. this is the first time he's going to get to introduce himself up close and personal to the american people. >> reporter: under the direction of thomas staley, the papal choir will sing 25 pieces. >> we're trying to somehow catch the spirit of our new pope. so the music is supposed to
6:47 am
reflect all of that. >> reporter: staley helped hand pick his 90 choir members from a group of 330 who auditioned. >> the diversity of the mosaic of who we are as catholics is represented in this event. that's quite intentional. >> reporter: they know they've got a lot of work ahead of them. >> it's undating. it's a 12 to 15-hour a day task at this time. it's exciting but also gruelling. that takes a lot of work, particularly when you have 90 different people from a lot of different parishes and musical spurns. >> reporter: singers say all that practice will be worth it when they finally get to perform for the pope. >> i'll be so happy, so happy. >> reporter: erika gonzalez, news 4. beautiful. all week long, you can find everything about pope francis's visit right here on news 4. we have an updated list of what you can and can't do while the pope's in town.
6:48 am
open our nbc washington app. a prince george's condition continues with the blue bird blues festival. this is the 23rd year of the music festival at prince george's community college. it's free from noon until 6:00. hear music from phil wiggins and the chesapeake chics. this is when jim hanley breaks out the guitar. guitar. >> i've seen him play ping-pong. >> he's good at everything. >> i'll be there this afternoon playing air guitar. >> you could win the competition. >> fog around this morning. as you head out the door. in fact, there's a view from our tower camera. it looks like the mirror in your
6:49 am
bathroom off a hot shower. you have to clear it off in order to shave this morning. unfortunately we can't do that with the fog. it will hang around and stay thick. all these counties in the gray, under a dense fog advisory until 10:00 this morning, includes washington, nearby suburbs in northern virginia and right down 95 as well as much of southern maryland and right around the bay. watch out for that dense fog. it will be hanging around here for a few more hours. you're about to hit the roads, use low beams and slow down, watch out for deer in the fog this morning. temperatures are cool and humid. we're in the upper 50s, northern, western suburbs. much of northern virginia, shenandoah valley and out of the mountains, low to mid-50s. quite a cool start there. by contrast, mid to upper 60s around the day. it's mid to upper 60s as well. hour by hour forecast, there's that foggy sky. we'll have it staying foggy for another couple hours. sunshine breaking out, too.
6:50 am
by noontime ought to be in the low to mid-80s. bright sunshine. if you're heading to the andrews air show, wear the sun block. we'll be in the upper 80s during the afternoon with that strong september sun. great weather, though, for the thunderbirds and for all the air show under way during the afternoon at andrews. should be a terrific day for that. it will be rather humid. fedex field on send, kickoff at 1:00. it's going to be partly sunny, temperatures in the mid-70s for the tailgating in the morning and then going mostly sunny during the afternoon. during the game we could have winds gusting to 20 miles an hour as temperatures hit the upper 70s on sunday afternoon. then overnight sunday into monday morning, down to just near 60 degrees. and a lot of clouds around on monday and rather humid. an a small chance ofúaç passing shower. it's just a small chance. we could use some rain. we're running over 3 inches, drier than average since the first of august in much of the
6:51 am
region. tuesday, partly sunny mid-70s. pope arrives tuesday afternoon, should be pleasant. on wednesday we have the possibility of showers, maybe moving in during the evening. during the day wednesday it looks good. the main chance of any showers during the papal visit may be on thursday as well as on friday. highs in the 70s, both of those days. that's the way it looks. >> thanks, tom. coming up, this woman says she's okay being called fat. how she's using her weight to inspire oth
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you're watching news 4 today. it's the weekend and a lot of you may be looking for a way to wind down. the woman we're about to tell you about has a solution that sin spiring others. >> she's smashing stereotypes and challenging people who think that they can't go outside, get running. catelk -- kate snow shares the story. >> i love being in the woods. >> reporter: myrna loves to run long distances. do people do a double taking. >> always. >> reporter: she knows most people would never guessed she finished six marathons and five ultramarathons. >> i live for my weekends. i love long runs. >> reporter: how long is a long run. >> three to six hours. >> reporter: three to six hours? >> i'm really slow.
6:55 am
>> reporter: on her blog she writes about being heavy and still fit. >> it's called fat girl running. >> reporter: you say that andç cringe. everybody does. you're not the only one. >> it's just a word, a descriptive word. i think when most people see me they do see fat. and i have no problem with that. we have to take the power away from that word and make it into something positive. >> she's convinced her friends to join her predawn runs. >> i've had all these excuses. i pushed myself beyond any limits i thought i had. ♪ >> reporter: myrna has many talents. she teaches voice and spanish at a boarding school where she coaches cross country and raises her son while her husband works in africa. >> as an athlete, there's no reason i can't go all out because she's going all out. >> you have to do you, whatever that is.
6:56 am
you know, you can't wait for the moment to be perfect. you can't wait for your body to be perfect. sometimes you have to go in the mirror and say i can do this. i can do this until you start believing it. >> reporter: it's the slow and steady journey she enjoys. it's not about winning a race but just going for it. >> it's really pretty. >> reporter: kate snow, nbc news, new york. going for it and feeling good. >> good for her. >> when you feel good it affects every other part of your life. good for her. here's what's happening today where you live, amerihealth caritas is having mammograms. the kors festival at tyson's corner center in mcclain from 9:00 until 9:00 tonight. i plan to stop by after the show.
6:57 am
>> why not. >> they have k-pops, hip hop. good food. >> it's a good day to get outside? >> the andrews air show is going on, big event there. we have fog to deal with right now. watch out for patchy, dense fog this morning. it will be around through midmorning. the sun breaks out,ç feeling le sumner september, highs upper 80s. back in 25 minutes with a local news update. >> an a programming note for you, we're back on the air for an hour of news starting at 8:00 this morning, not 9:00. see you then.
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good morning. breaking overnight. we got him. authorities in arizona arrest a 21-year-old man they say is responsible for several of the terrifying highway sniper attacks. the suspect seen on facebook firing a gun taken down in front of stunned witnesses at a walmart. we are live. caught on camera. a wild police officer chase with suspects in a gun runner. we have the latest on the condition of the officers. at it again. the county clerk in kentucky who went to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples now in trouble


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